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See how as an engineer you can benefit from a central documentation repository. As a manager, find piece of mind knowing knowledge is centralized. Also review our quick 15 minute overview video to get a good grasp of what is needed for documentation.

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IT documentation

Trusted since 2007

2000+ MSPs

Your clients get online and offline access to their documentation. The Portal has been trusted by thousands of organizations including MSPs and IT Departments around the world.

10000+ Users

The IT Portal is used by over 10,000 IT Professional and company users.

5 Cloud Regions

Our Cloud offering has a presence in AU, CA, UK, US, and the EU. You can also run the Portal in your private Cloud.

As IT Teams grow, they outgrow the cluttered file shares and excel password lists. They need a secure structured platform that allows for the easy access and sharing of information regarding their IT Infrastructure. Reduce downtime, creates accountability for documentation, and provides peace of mind for managers and IT professionals. Our partners say, "I got this; It is in the Portal!." Can you? ...

Alex Cabral Alex Cabral is the CEO and founder of IT Portal Inc.

21+ years ago, while working as a Senior Systems Engineer at an integration firm in New York City, he struggled to keep his team informed about the inter-working of the client networks. At the time, IT firms primarily cared about and focused on time entry and proper project management. Alex worked with the developers that managed the time entry program to provide his team the information they needed to manage their customers. But the output of the engagement never met the expectations that Alex set. That is where having a background in development stepped in-he outlined precisely how the product should look. Unfortunately, the level of effort required of the dev team proved to be too much, and development stopped. Alex later moved to a new firm and realized that the chaos was not just at his previous firm-but it appeared that access to information seemed to be a problem everywhere. They at least had a spreadsheet with passwords, IP addresses, and client folders on a network share.

The IT Portal was born to serve as the documentation space for supporting customers and provides billable hours in project engagements. Engineers can go on vacation. IT Managers have confidence that existing employees make systems information available to new employees.

The IT Portal is a product created from Alex's years of experience in the Systems Integration/MSP field, coupled with years of feedback from thousands of users. Alex's passion lies in making relevant information easily accessible to people that need to support their customers, finding it most rewarding when individuals see the value and power provided by an IT Portal.

Our Team

Alex manages the development team and new business development. Jeremy manages the Help Desk and assists all of our customers during the initial setup. Jeremy worked primarily in Software Support giving him a lot of shared experiences with our clientele. He understands the realities of working with poor documentation and is very enthusiastic about providing solid customer service and what we can provide to all MSPs from one-man shops to large companies.

Our Infrastructure and your data

We house our data in secure data centers that are hosted and managed in AWS. We have data centers hosting ou cloud services in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, and Australia. All of our data is encrypted at rest using our encryption keys. Your data can also be encrypted using your encryption key at setup. When your files/passwords are encrypted, we do not have access. To provide a failsafe, we replicate data across data centers. We also offer you the Portal Export tool that you can use to sync your Cloud copy to a laptop.

About Us



If you are a MSP, you can view documentation on all the companies you support. IT Departments will see everything in thier one company. We allow you to create Sites (locations), Facilities (Buildings, Floors, Suites), Cabinets (Racks), and IP Networks to logically group resources and see them all in one place.


Document in detail the devices that run on your networks. Document devices as shown below. At the least, document device names, descriptions, IP addresses, and access information.

Accounts and Credentials

They are used to record credential logins, subscriptions, and support accounts used by a particular company. When editing a device, you have the option to add a username and password for managing that single device. But, if multiple devices share the same credentials, create an account and link the account to the devices.

  1. Domain registrars logins (GoDaddy, NetSol)
  2. AD Service Accounts
  3. Common Logins like iDrac/HP ILO
  4. ESXi Login
  5. Office 365 accounts for your users
  6. Link accounts to objects to show how they are related
  7. Easily import from other platforms via excel

Keep track of agreements like licenses, support contracts, domain names, SSL certificates, and SLAs. Ensuring you always have access to the needed info when renewing or rebuilding an environment.


Record information regarding a variety of users and consultants that work for a company

Link contacts to devices they may manage.
Assign skill sets to contacts to quickly find expertise.
Assign a picture for verification when entering data centers.
Record credentials used by users that may require frequent reminders


Configurations are objects that are considered attributes of a device or a physical peripheral attached to a device. Examples of configurations include websites, disks, LUNs, applications, USB Drives, and Scheduled Tasks.

  • Applications list
  • Web Sites
  • FTP Site
  • Network Circuit
  • Backup Job
  • DHCP Scope
  • Documents

    Save important files, images, and notes about your environment as documents and relate them to devices and other objects. Sample documents include build books, diagrams, checklists, DR documentation, policies, and procedures. A repository can have no attached files, one main attached file, or sets of folders with associated files.


    Create searchable knowledge base articles in the Portal. Use KBs for general how-to guides rating to the technologies in your infrastructure environment. KBs should not be confused with documents. Documents are for documenting completed work. For example, a script to install pre-requirements for a product can be in the KB. Showing the results of running the pre-requirements for a particular device should be kept under documents.


    Publish forms online and store the data in the Portal. Common uses for forms are: New Employees Forms and Change Control Forms. Once created, you can assign them to objects in the Portal. When viewing a Portal object, you will see all the related forms. Download already created forms from an online library shared by all IT Portal Users.

    The IT Portal was brought in when our main IT guy decided to move on. It assured operations were in good hands until our new IT guy was hired.

    William J. Lindfors
    Checkers/Rallys Restaurants

    We started using IT Portal about 8 months ago. In general it's been a good product. Support has been very responsive, which is a priority. They also have made some significant improvements to performance and functionality in the 8 months. We use the hosted version, 0 down time, and 0 maintenance effort on our part. All in all, a good value!

    Jody Ellis
    Advos IT (USA)

    IT Portal has changed our documentation discipline. They have a very aggressive development cycle. I love the way that they have helped us centralize our documentation and keep the data most important to us organized and secure.

    Luke Popejoy
    Integrity Computers (USA)

    Great software, easy to use for techs and incredible support!

    Andre Lajoiet
    HelpOX (Canada)

    Wonderful product! streamlines our processes, integrates into more products than ever with fantastic support and at a very competitive price. :-)

    Joshua Lewis
    Dorks Delivered (Australia)

    I have been using IT Glue for about a year and they seem similar to an aspect, but clearly I chose the Portal.

    Nick Luyt
    Impact IT (South Africa)

    The IT Portal has been an integral tool for our office. It has allowed this Office to track all of our environmental changes over the past several years which has been invaluable.

    Eric Thomas
    State Attorney's Office 13th

    DSM began using the IT Portal for our project based Systems Integration group in 2009. The power and flexibility of the IT Portal has allowed DSM to manage over 100 customer's infrastructure regardless of whether we managed it out of one of our four data centers or on the customers premise. Now our business is evolving into an MSP model and we are finding new ways to leverage the IT Portal for our Help Desk Support group as well as our Engineering Staff.

    Kevin Wing
    DSM - Data Center Network (US)

    IT Portal has transformed the way we share technical information between our engineers. It integrates with our PSA and dashboard to bring in records for all of the devices we manage so information can be held alongside the device to which it relates and introduces features such as password history, revision control, access logs, and so much more. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone needing to store IT system documentation and technical data.

    Rob Hammond
    Conquest Wildman (UK)

    Top IT Portal Features

    See what makes our Portal unlike anything else out there

    Microsoft 365 Editor, Drawing Tool, and Next Generation WYSIWYG Editor

    Users can open office files directly from our IT Portal. Work on them online, and save them automatically to the portal. Design your diagrams and flow charts using our drawing tool. We also have a clean and elegant editor. You can choose to keep or clean formatting when pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel and the rich text editor does it all for you.


    The scoreboard will automatically query the system and ensure you meet documentation requirements. We give you 18 items to score against by default, but you can create your own or remove ours.

    Try the mobile app today!

    Download the app and use the settings below to test. The mobile app provides a quick search function for when you are on the go. Note: Your production URL will depend on your Cloud or on-premise Portal server. Click the image to the left to see a video of all the screens..

    Portal Type On-premise
    Username ** Click live demo above to get the username
    Password ** Click live demo above to get the password

    AppStore Google Play

    Network Configurations Import

    Automatically upload device configurations to the Portal from your switches, firewalls, and other network devices. You can save them as files or upload them as text. When uploaded as text, you can run comparisons between uploads.

    Mac, Linux, Windows, and SNMP Import

    Run our script on devices to import them directly into the portal. We have five ways ways to import.

    1. Run our AD Version to collect AD Sites, IP Networks, and every windows server and PC.
    2. Run the script directly on a PC/Server.
    3. Add our script to your RMM.
    4. Scan your network for SNMP Devices.
    5. Use Excel files to import devices.

    * Windows Import, also imports WMI. Ex. Disk drives, Services, shares, process...

    Portal Export

    IT Portal Export connects to your current IT Portal and sends your IT documentation to a remote host for off-line or DR access. Portal Export can be used on a web server or on a thumb drive using Firefox. All contents from the portal are exported to a web friendly read-only format. It is a true export, but it can export CSV files if needed as well.

    Concerned about access? Only the main contact will receive the tool and each user must be approved.

    See it now!

    Browser Password Plugin

    The IT Portal Password Plug-in will allow you to find any shared and personal passwords from your IT Portal. It searches the Portal for the site you are on and recommends credentials to use for login. Use the plug-in to search for credentials and 2FA codes without having to log in to the IT Portal.

    Download it from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons Site and test it on our live demo site.

    Integrations and more...

    PSAs, RMMS, Authentication and Data Integrations

    You have data in a variety of sources. Bring them into the Portal and start adding your documentation. Import from PSAs, RMMs, and data sources like Excel, Office 365, and VMWare. Provide an extra layer of security by using SAML, Office 365, Active Directory, and other authentication options.

    See All Integrations

    Online Demo Available

    Feel free to login to our demo site and make any change you need to test the service. The database resets nightly so feel free to test your integrations and any functionality you want.

    View Live Demo Mobile Demo Portal Export Demo

    See (3) Use Case Videos

    See how as an engineer you can benefit from a central documentation repository. As a manager, find piece of mind knowing knowledge is centralized. Also review our quick 15 minute overview video to get a good grasp of what is needed for documentation.

    See Results of Others

    Add Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5GHz, and iMac Pro has the power and flexibility to balance multicore processing with single-thread performance. With new AVX-512 vector instructions and a new cache architecture, the processor handles even more data — even more quickly.

    Program member can also make profile non-visible to others

    See Results of Others

    Add Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5GHz, and iMac Pro has the power and flexibility to balance multicore processing with single-thread performance. With new AVX-512 vector instructions and a new cache architecture, the processor handles even more data — even more quickly.

    Program member can also make profile non-visible to others

    Want more? Explore all IT Portal features now!

    The IT Portal is a cloud-based/on-prem platform that allows IT teams and managed service providers (MSPs) to store and manage technical information, documentation, and data related to their IT infrastructure. It provides secure access to company-specific documentation, including passwords, configurations, and IT knowledge bases (KBs). The platform also allows for the logical grouping of resources such as sites, facilities, cabinets, and IP networks. The IT Portal integrates with other IT tools, including PSA, RMMs, and data sets like Microsoft 365, and offers features such as password history, revision control, and access logs. The platform is trusted by IT departments around the world and has been used by over 10,000 IT professionals and company users since 2007.

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    utilizing IT Portal to grow their business.


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    * 2GBs storage per defined user

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you feel IT Portal is not adding value to your business, we will give you a full refund

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Billing / Support

    What are my payment options - credit card or invoicing?

    The form above will only allow for credit card authorization. Though this is the case, if you decide to commit, we can accept a purchase order and then later accept payment by check or swift/wire. We ask that you fill out the form and submit a credit card, then remove it soon after by contacting support or going to your new Portal > options > admin settings > site settings > billing. Billing is processed only after a review of your new account.

    Do we have to signup for a full year or can we pay monthly?

    You can signup for either monthly or yearly subscriptions. Most organizations start monthly and change over to yearly.

    Is there a free trial available?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer trials. We like to give the analogy of asking your fiancé if you can have a trial marriage. It probably would not go well as the commitment is not there. We do a bit of work to get an instance going for you and work with you to make sure things go well. We also hope to see you put your part by going through the training and making it valuable for you and your team.

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee instead of a trial. Would you please click on Pricing? Once you register, an onboarding specialist will reach out to you and go over the install and product with you. If you start with five or more users, we would also provide an onboard training session. During the first 30 days, we ask that you work with our support personnel to answer any questions. Let us know what we can do to help you get started.

    Is the support you provide available during working hours in the UK?

    Our support desk is available from 4:00 AM EST to 5:30 PM EST. We have 24-hour monitoring of our services, with technicians available to restart a server if needed. If you have an emergency, please call our phone number available above in the contact area.

    Features & Security

    What branding options are available?
    Basic Branding

    Branding in the Portal has always allowed you to use your domain name to access the Portal. After setting up the branding, your logo replaces the Portal logo. Your branding settings also customize the login page. In the Cloud, a company called CHN can use By default, this URL will redirect to our secure site (Example with your branding settings.

    Advanced Branding

    We understand that you do not want to see in the URL. Because of the complexity of the request, it will require many changes to our backend, and support will be more difficult for us to maintain. We want to try to make this work for you. To make this happen, you require a CloudFlare plan that starts at $20/Month. CloudFlare is needed as we do not allow access to our web servers directly on the Internet. Our web servers only respond to secure requests from CloudFlare.

    Can my customer log in to see their Portal data?

    Yes, you can allow your customers to log in. Set up a login for your customer with read-only access. They will only require a user license if the user is assigned add, edit, or delete permissions.

    What security measures safeguard our sensitive information?

    You may prefer to do on-premise and safeguard it yourself. For those needing Cloud services, we offer the options below.

    • AES 256 Bit Encryption.
    • Optional Encryption key. Encrypt usernames and passwords with this key. Uploaded files will be encrypted as well using this same key. The default key will encrypt data if you do not have an optional key.
    • Built-in 2 Factor Authentication
    • Encryption at rest
    • Our web servers are not open to the Internet. Our web servers are only accessible by the CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network). You transparently connect to CloudFlare, and they present you with your data. Also, note that CloudFlare handles 10% of the world's web traffic and is very secure.

    Import / Export

    Is it possible to import customer information from other sources

    You can import from:

    • Confluence, IT Glue, and IT Boost.
    • PSA like ConnectWise, AutoTask, and SyncroMSP
    • Import data from your RMM
    • Data integrations like Microsoft 365
    • Via our Windows WMI device import script
    • Via our Mac/Linux import script
    • Via our configuration import for Network devices
    • VMware Vsphere
    • Excel import file
    • Via our Open API
    Is it possible to export customer information?
    1. You can export object lists using the save (CSV) option in our data grids.
    2. You can export using our reporting engines
    3. You can export using our Portal Export tool, which copies your entire Portal. Place the export on an encrypted thumb drive and walk away. For security reasons, the tool is only made available to the primary contact upon request.
    If we decided to discontinue the service at any point, how long could we still access our account for visibility of our information?

    If the Portal runs on your Cloud then you keep the data. The solution goes into read-only mode at this point. For Cloud Partners, we typically will not remove the data until you request its destruction or one year after service is terminated. We will reach out to you if and when we need to do a clean-up.

    System Requirements

    What are the system, hardware, and software requirements for the Portal?

    The on-premise install will run on any Microsoft OS with IIS. We recommend Windows 2016 or higher. The minimum portal memory requirements are 4GBs for IIS and an additional 4GBs if you plan on installing SQL on the same box. A single CPU per service (SQL/IIS) is sufficient as long as there is no CPU contention in your virtual environment. We will ask you to ensure CPU affinity or a maximum 3:1 virtual CPU to core ratio if a performance issue arises.

    Is SQL Express supported for on-premise?

    Yes. We support SQL express for on-premise installations. Configure the IT Portal to store files in the database or on a file system. Hence the SQL Express 10GB limit should not be a problem.

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